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Top videos of July 2016

We are getting ready for one of our biggest events, the top 10 dubbing videos of the month of July 2016.  We will be accepting nominations up until August 1st.  Voting will begin on August 2nd all the way through August 9th.  Start submitting your nominations.  Visit and like our Facebook page: Sapphire Sakura News to submit your nominations.  Share this post with all your dubbing groups.  Join us in this great event and your dub may be the next #1 video of the month.

In the meantime, we leave you with today’s video of the day, “Iron Heart” sang by Shiny Girls Project!.

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Dream Big

Dream Big, the competition in which you, the viewer, gets to decide who stays and who goes.  It’s a really neat concept.  A nice way to get everyone involved, have the dubbers give their best and all, get the audience involved and most of all, have fun.

This contest is done by Charisma Collabs.  You can visit their page and know more about the runners at their youtube page:

Today’s video of the day goes to this great dubbing group.  Enjoy!!!!

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Happy Anniversary Ayuchi!!!!

Today we want to make a little space to congratulate a great dubber who has been dubbing for 15 years.  Out of these 15 years, 10 years have been through

15 years are said easily, yet not so many people are able to dub for this long for various reasons.  We are honored that Ayuchi continues to share her talent with all of us.  Congratulations Ayuchi. In honor of your great talent, our video of the day award goes to you.

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Okashi Paradise Audition

Yes, you read right.  Okashi Paradise is holding auditions.

Okashi Paradise is a dubbing group that covers JPop and KPop songs.  They are responsible for such great dubbing groups like Karukan, Special, P-ocky and Vanilla.  The group debuted on October 6, 2011 and have been holding on strong ever since.

If you are interested in auditioning visit their youtube page at:

Enjoy their latest single:

【Karukan】「ブギウギLOVE」 ✰